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Our Legacy and Mission

Since 1938, the Diamond Lake Yacht Club has been a beacon of sailing in Cass County, nurturing a love for this elegant sport among its youth. Continuing this proud tradition, the Diamond Lake Sailing School (DLSS) is dedicated to introducing and teaching the art of sailing to young enthusiasts. Our mission is not just to teach sailing but to instill a lifelong passion for this versatile sport, whether it be racing or cruising.

Navigating Success: Diamond Lake Sailing School's Alliance with West Michigan Youth Sailing Association

Diamond Lake Sailing School, renowned for its exceptional sailing instruction and vibrant community, proudly stands as a member of the West Michigan Youth Sailing Association. This affiliation underscores the school's commitment to fostering a love for sailing among the youth of the region, providing students with unparalleled opportunities to learn, compete, and grow. Through this partnership, members of Diamond Lake Sailing School gain access to a broad spectrum of regional regattas, educational programs, and a network of young sailors, enhancing their sailing journey with rich experiences and camaraderie. Embracing the spirit of sailing, the school continues to cultivate skill, sportsmanship, and a deep-seated passion for the waters, steering its members toward horizons as vast and promising as the sea itself.


Our Sponsors

George Armstrong

Amy & Kelly Ball

Elaine Balok

Jackie & Mike Bankowski

Jo Ann & Joe Blazek

Mary & Dave Bolan

Rosanne & Pat Byrne

Traci & Ben Clark

Combination Security

Pat & Don Cressy 

Donna and Louis Csokasy

Fred Dean

Sheryl Deluca

Diamond Dough

Diamond Lake Orchard

Diamond Lake Yacht Club

Barb & Charlie Gallager

Krista Blazek & Kyle Hogarth

Gayle & Barry Huebner

Marianne & George King

Hayley & Daniel Klauer

Rosemary & Bob Leonard

Linda & Wes Magnuson

Sally & Mike Malone


Carmi & Chris Murphy

Teresa & Steve Palmitier

Julie & Chuck Petersen

Pontoon Boat LLC

Marilyn Quakenbush & Dave Trelease

Helen & Don Reynolds

Kathy & John Seidl

Marianne & Peter Trotter


Jill & Tom Vihtelic

Dawn & Dana Wales

Patti & Tom Walz

Jim & Laurel Ward 

Harvey Weingarten

Wally & Nila Wells

Chuck & Shelly Wimberly

Bob & Carol Wurster

Our Approach to Learning

Sailing education at DLSS begins on dry land. Here, students get acquainted with their sailboats, learning the intricacies of rigging and boat handling. This foundational knowledge paves the way for swift progression to on-the-water training, where the real adventure begins. Our classes, capped at 10 students, ensure personalized attention with a high instructor-to-student ratio of three instructors per class. The focus is on mastering the fundamentals of sailing in a fun, engaging, and supportive environment.

Location and Facilities

DLSS proudly operates from the front of the Diamond Lake Yacht Club, located at 21268 Shore Acres in Cassopolis, MI. Our prime location includes two long docks, comprehensive facilities, ample parking, and a 100-foot-wide waterfront, offering direct access to the beautiful Diamond Lake.

Our Proud

The heart of our school is our diverse and carefully selected fleet, comprising 15 Optimist sailboats (Opti's), 5 Sunfish, three 420s, three Butterfly's and two Motorized Safety boats. The Opti's, renowned as the world’s most popular single-crew instructional sailboat, form the core of our beginner training. For more advanced students, especially those eyeing high school and college sailing, we utilize the 420s – double-crewed sailboats that offer a more challenging and collaborative sailing experience.


Our Committee Members

Amy Usher

Anne Coles

Jackie Comeau-Bankowski

Kathy Seidl

Krista Blazek-Hogarth

Linda Magnuson

Louis Csokasy

Mary Bolen

Rob Overholser

Rosemary Leonard


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